Audi A5 Family Launch Event 2017

With the A5 Audi 2007 revolutionized its middle class. The Ingolstädter created a design-art work, which won in winch fans around the world. Nine years later, the second generation starts - with a new, sharpened look and high-tech in all areas. Athletic, sporty and elegant are the words which describe the new generation of the A5 Coupé best. The Audi A5 Family Launch Event took place In the ancient water town Whuzhen in the south of China. About 500 premium guests and VIPs as well as Journalists were invited to enjoy a lush evening show. The show featured a Designer Fashion Show, the famous actor Zhang Zhen, the Shaolin Monk Star Dancer Qui Jirong and several Chinese Popstars as well as the actual China Premiere of the new Audi A5 Family including the Design Lecture by Jakob Hirzel from the Audi Design Team Germany and the Pricing Announcement, as it is known for Chinese Car Launch Shows. Michael Kuehbandner did the lighting design and programming of the show for High Team China.